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With over 4,000 member companies in 90 countries, Campden BRI ( is the trusted, premier, independent technical partner of choice for the food and drink industry, working with all of the top 10 UK retailers, the top 15 global food and drink manufacturers and many of the world’s biggest brands. Leveraging its 250 plus world-renowned technical experts in the UK and Europe, it helps to make food safer, tastier, healthier, affordable, sustainable, convenient and innovative, underpinned by investment in meaningful research and science. 


Campden BRI offers an extensive range of services and products including consultancy, analysis and testing, processing and manufacturing troubleshooting and advice, training and legislation, regulatory and labelling advisory services. Members and clients benefit from industry-leading facilities for analysis, product and process development and sensory and consumer studies, which include a specialist brewing and wine division.  

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